Sunday, July 5, 2009

Frankfurt tonight....Home tomorrow

We landed in Frankfurt late this afternoon from Istanbul. Tomorrow we fly from Frankfurt to Dallas. Our flight leaves at 10:55am (Frankfurt time...7 hours ahead of Dallas) and we land at DFW at 2:30pm. I can't believe that our trip has come to an end so quickly. The past 2 weeks have been absolutely incredible. We have made so many fun memories as a family that I will cherish always! And what a joy it has been to walk where the Apostle Paul walked so many years ago.....the Lord truly has refreshed my soul. I feel so out of touch with things going on at home and in the news....but to be honest, it's been nice. I needed a break....but I look forward to returning home. There's definitely no place like home! Once I get settled back into the real world, I'll be sure to post lots of pictures from our journeys!


Anonymous said...

Glad you have had a wonderful time. Can't wait to hear more. You have no idea how much Andrew (and Clay) has missed Josh.

B said...

Since you have been gone, Farrah faucet, Michael Jackson, Ed mcmahon, Billy mays, and Steve mcnair have all died. No lie. So... I think it is high time you return.

B said...

I don't know why I am under BJs screename. It's me... :)