Friday, February 18, 2011

4 Months...

Lucy is 4 months old!! She is at such a fun age...and I hear it just keeps getting better and better! Here are her 4 month stats...
Weight: 14 lbs 4 oz (70th Percentile)

Height: 26 inches (98th Percentile)

Head Circumference: 41.27 cms (60th Percentile)

Lucy is a great sleeper! She goes down around 8pm and wakes up around 7:30am!! We're still dream feeding her around 10:30pm, but I think we're getting close to dropping it because she's only taking 2-3 oz now during that feeding. We have officially moved to the sleep more swaddling, thank goodness!

During the day, she is still taking 3 naps...9-10:30am, 12-1:30pm and 3-4:30pm. Her morning nap is her best nap...I usually have to wake her up from it. Her 2 afternoon naps are a toss up. They can range anywhere from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours....most days it's closer to 1.5 hours. She has pretty much cut out her early evening cat nap.

She is still eating 6 times per day (about every 3 hours during the day)....7:30am, 10:30am, 1:30pm, 4:30pm, 7:30pm and 10:30pm. She is definitely eating more now, anywhere from 4-6 oz. Some days I have to supplement with formula at the 4:30pm and 7:30pm feedings....the girl is hungry! No solids yet....Lucy's pediatrician told us to wait until 5 1/2 or 6 months.

She still HATES tummy time, so we hardly ever do it. BUT, Lucy's doctor said that we need to start putting her on her tummy for 5-10 minutes twice a day and just let her cry it out so she can get stronger for crawling. I have a feeling that is not going to go over too well! She has excellent head control, but that's not the case for her upper body. She is no where close to sitting up on her own and she hasn't rolled over yet. So, tummy we come!

She loves her exersaucer, sassy seat, bumbo and floor gym. She is so over her swing.

Lucy is a huge fan of her hands....especially when they are in her mouth. She still takes a paci when we put her down, but now she seems to prefer her thumb over her paci. She can definitely keep her thumb in her mouth better than her paci!

She has discovered her feet....need I say more. It's precious.

Lucy smiles all of the time and started laughing this month. Hearing her laugh for the first time was absolutely the best! She laughs at her dad the most...especially when he sings to her! She "talks" ALL of the time...and it's getting louder and louder!

The drool has officially made it's debut! Bibs are the newest addition to her wardrobe.

She is wearing size 2 diapers and 3-6 month clothes (mostly 6 month).

A funny quirk that Lucy has is she gets startled so easily. Sometimes the slightest noise can scare her. And when this happens it usually turns bad real quick. It cracks us up.

We love you Lucy Kate. You are simply the best! Happy 4 months baby girl!!

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she is such a cutie!