Friday, November 18, 2011

13 months....

For the sake of fairness towards our future children, I'm not going to continue with Lucy's monthly updates. My goal is to do monthly posts for all the kiddos first year of life...they're time consuming, so I'm sure it will only get harder to achieve that goal as more babies come along. I don't want to hear 15-20 years from now, "mom, you did everything for Lucy and we got crap!" :) I will continue with shorter Lucy updates when I can, because I don't want to forget when the big milestones occurred...and let's be honest, this blog had turned into Lucy's baby book!

Over the past month, Lucy....

1) Has become a very confident walker....and in to EVERYTHING. I can't take my eyes off her! Her walk actually looks more like a march, but it's precious....and so what if she wants to be in the marching band when she's in high school. Whatever she does will be cool to me! :)

2) Is weaned from bottles. NO MORE CLEANING BOTTLES....Whoo hooo!!!! It took her about 4 weeks to completely wean, but now she is using sippy cups only and happy about it. I started dropping one bottle feeding at a time....first lunch, then dinner, then breakfast. Breakfast was the hardest. We had a few morning meltdowns, but they didn't last long. The transition from formula to whole milk was very easy for her. She didn't even notice.

3) Only has her paci in her crib now. This transition was pretty rough (because sister girl loves her paci), but all things considered, she really has done well with it. We had some MAJOR meltdowns at first (especially when she would see her paci in her crib if we were playing in her room). Now, when I wake her up, she knows to leave her paci in her crib. It's really cute....she'll just spit it right out. Every so often, she'll throw a little fit for her paci, so I'll put her in her crib and let her play in there for a little bit and when she wants out, the paci stays in her bed. I still keep an emergency paci in her diaper bag for times when it's necessary so other people don't go insane (like the church nursery).

We love you Lucy girl! You are our greatest joy and blessing from the Lord. Happy 13 months!!!

Here are a few pictures I snapped of Lucy Kate yesterday morning. She had a Thanksgiving feast at school!

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