Thursday, July 19, 2012

36 Weeks...

Well hello 36 week baby belly. Gosh, it's huge. I'm grateful that baby girl is growing...I just wish the rest of my body wasn't growing quite as rapidly as my belly. :) Besides the heartburn, feeling like I have to pee 24/7 and overall uncomfortableness, I'm feeling pretty good. I would be oh so happy if baby girl decides to make an early entrance (anytime after 37 weeks is fine with me), but I'm preparing myself that she may take after her big sister and not be in any kind of hurry to arrive. Until then, I'll attempt to finish a few last minute nesting projects, enjoy quality time with Lucy and uninterrupted sleep (besides waking up to pee, of course) and continue to generously apply coconut oil on my belly in hopes that my skin won't actually pop.

I'm super excited about the chair I found this week for the new nursery. After weeks of searching Craigslist multiple times per day (like became an obsession), I finally found the perfect chair...and beat everyone else to it! The good ones go fast! I really wanted a recliner style chair this time around (I have a traditional rocker/glider in Lucy's nursery) and I preferred a light pink one. Well, look here...I found one! It's a Pottery Barn chair and the pink slip cover is in perfect shape. There's nothing better than finding a great deal...and I can't wait to rock baby girl in it!

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