Wednesday, January 9, 2013

June Marie :: 5 Months

Sweet are 5 months!  Have mercy, time.

June is still as easy going as ever....smiley, happy, talkative and truly a joy!  She is a great sleeper.  Down for bed around 7:30/8pm and typically wakes up happy around 7:30am.  Most mornings she wakes up around 5:30am and talks to herself/fusses a bit, but she puts herself back to sleep fairly quickly.  She's still napping 3 times each day, around 9-10:30am, 12-1:30pm and 3-4:30pm.  She dropped her evening cat nap about 2 weeks ago, so lately she's been ready for bed closer to 7:30pm.  Most days we're on the go for one of her naps, but it really doesn't phase her.  She's still happy and will sleep a little longer during her next nap.  I typically have to wake her from her naps, so we're going to attempt to stretch her schedule a bit over the next few of days and hopefully cut out another nap and feeding.  I think she's ready to go 4 hours between feedings.  Transitions always scare me, but it's time.  Right now she eats 5-6oz every 3 hours...around 7:30am, 10:30am, 1:30pm, 4:30pm, 7:30pm and 10:30pm.  I need to drop her 10:30pm dream feed too since she only takes about 2oz then.  We'll do it soon...when I'm brave enough!  

Around Thanksgiving June went on a nursing strike and I'm sad to say that she's still on strike.  This has been tough. She just prefers the bottle over nursing.  So, I've been pumping...a lot.  It's exhausting pumping 5-6 times per day, giving bottles, cleaning parts and keeping a watchful eye on a very busy 2 year old, so I decided to start weaning.  I just can't keep up.  Thankfully, June doesn't mind formula.  My supply has decreased significantly, so I'm thinking I'll be done nursing/pumping in the next few weeks.  Surprisingly, I'm kind-of sad about this.  Nursing is not my favorite, but it is so much easier and cheaper and I have enjoyed it more this time around.  I dread buying formula and I forgot how bad it reeks!  As long as June is happy though, I'm happy.

June rolled from her stomach to her back for the first time a few days ago!  No luck rolling back over, yet.  Tummy time has improved significantly over the past month, but she still prefers to be on her back when she is on her play mat.  She does great in the bumbo and we've started putting her in the bouncer  some (she's still a little small for it).  I think we're about done with the swing since she dropped her cat nap...she doesn't mind to swing when I need to be hands free for a bit, but she won't fall asleep in it anymore.  The swing has been wonderful, but I'm ready to retire it and get it out of my living room!  She LOVES bath time and doesn't mind having her diaper or clothes changed...she actually loves being on her changing table.  Most days, she does great in the car...she can get a little cranky if we're driving at night because she can't see us in the mirror.  We haven't gone on many walks lately because of the cold weather, but she does great in the stroller too.  She really is so easy going and laid back...2nd child thing, I guess.  Thank you, June!  I've had so much fun watching June and Lucy interact lately. June definitely notices what her big sister is doing and smiles/giggles at her all of the time.  Lucy is so sweet with her little sister too.  June is wearing size 6-9 month clothes, size 2 diapers during the day and size 3 at night.  

Happy 5 months Junie girl...we love you so much!  So much, it hurts.  You melt me to pieces June Bug!

{That darn flash still gets her!}
I tried to get Lucy to smile for a picture, but I had zero luck with that.  She was too busy reading.
And please note that June is NOT going to be a big sister...she will always be the little sister. :)

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Katie Norwood said...

She is just so precious. And I love those surprised pictures at the end with the camera flash - too funny! Reading monthly baby updates has taken on a whole new meaning for me... I'll probably be digging up your old archives soon to figure out what to do with little miss Ava.