Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Lucy at 3...

THREE :: The good, the bad and the ugly {mostly good...and cute}.

Weight: 33.25 lbs (70%)
Height: 38.78" (81%)
BMI: 15.55 (47%)
Clothes: 3T
Shoes: 8/9

Great eater. Loves all things sweet. Josh and I always share our "high" and "low" of the day at dinner time. She has started answering the questions too and typically initiates the conversation. "Mom, what's your high?"

Sleep...oh sleep. This has been a rough area for the past 6 months. Mainly issues with getting out (and getting out and getting out) of her bed during the middle of the night. We won't let her sleep with us (nor will we sleep in her room) and we've have tried pretty much every tactic there is (except strapping her to her bed). Literally, we've tried everything. Everything. She use to sleep until 8am, but has been waking between 6:30/7am for months. I hear this is just a stage. It better be. She's a night owl like her daddy and would stay up until midnight if we let her. But we don't. She is usually in bed between 8/8:30pm. She still takes an afternoon nap, typically for 1.5-2 hours.

Potty trained (right before she turned 3). Still wears a pull-up at nap time and bed time, but she has started waking up dry most days. Buying diapers for only one child is amazing.

TV favorites: Curious George, Caillou, The Cat in The Hat, The Sound of Music, Cinderella, Mary Poppins, Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Peter Pan.

Favorite books: Anything Dr. Seuss, Curious George or Disney Princess.

Favorite activities: Crafts, going on walks (riding one of her bikes/cars or pushing a stroller), playing dress-up, throwing/kicking balls, snacking, watching TV, playing on the iPad, going to the playground, preschool, playgroup, gymnastics, helping me cook, dancing, singing, checking the mail, reading books, pretending to be one of the Disney princesses, celebrating birthdays (especially her birthday)...I could go on and on.

"I can do it, because I'm a big girl." She says this about 100 times per day. She is my little helper...which I am very grateful for...most of the time. She loves to help me cook!

She recently started having opinions about what she wears. She use to never question what I put on her, but now it's a daily battle. She loves shoes. And dressing like a princess. If it can twirl, she LOVES it!

She tends to have arguments with herself (or her sister, even though her sister can't talk). This always amazes, humors and frustrates the junk out of me.

She has the most precious, raspy voice.

She LOVES (and I mean) LOVES her Daddy. I don't blame her.

She's a fantastic BIG sister and is very protective of June, especially when we're around other children. She really does care for and loves her sister well.

She loves preschool and has learned to warm quickly to new surroundings and people. Although she can be shy at first, she is very adaptable now. I think having a little sister has helped with this...and "growing up" a bit.

She has grown out of her sensory struggles as well. Loud noises can still bother her (especially if they surprise her), but nothing like they use to. We are very thankful for this!

She's a girl, and therefore DRAMATIC.

She's spirited. If you have a spirited chid, then you know what I mean. High, highs and low, lows.

She's a sweet friend and very concerned about her friends...she ofter asks what they are doing, eating, wearing, playing with, etc. while we are at home. She remembers her friends in her prayers too.

She's funny. And I think she's starting to get her daddy's humor, which is huge.

She likes routine and always wants to know what's next. She likes to be prepared. Shocking, I know.

She is a liar. And thankfully, not a very good one....yet. She needs Jesus people. Oh, how I pray that she realizes her desperate need for Jesus! Capture her heart, Lord.

For this mama, 3 is a humbling age to parent. It's a constant reminder of my need for Jesus...and that I am not perfect...and neither is Lucy. But, Jesus is. He has fashioned me to be Lucy's mom, and his grace and mercy abound. Thank you, Lord. THANK YOU!

Good gracious, how I love this child. What a miraculous gift Lucy is!

{I've been working on this post since Lucy turned 3 back in October. I'm sure I'll keep adding to it throughout the year!}


The Joiners said...

I really appreciate this post because of how realistic you are about parenting and about the fact that Lucy, while wonderful and adorable, is HUMAN and not a perfect little angel child :) Sometimes I read updates parents write about their kids and I feel like they are written with the sole purpose of making other parents feel inadequate, so thank you for being honest and realistic!

Courtney Squillante said...

I love reading this! I always love hearing about kid's personalities! She sounds like such a wonderful little girl- and maybe a glimpse of how CK will be when she's three- (high highs and low lows)!