Wednesday, April 9, 2014

June Marie :: 20 Months

TWENTY MONTHS?!?! I mean, can time please slow down a bit?! I'm going to be writing her 2 year post before I know it...and that just makes me flat out sappy.

18 month well-child stats...

Weight: 25lbs, 6oz (80%)
Height: 31.75" (40%)
Head Circumference: 18.70" (80%)

Size 3 diapers
18-24 month clothes 
All of her teeth are in except her 2 year molars


June is still a great sleeper! She goes to bed around 8pm and wakes up around 8am. She goes down for a nap between 1-2pm and typically sleeps for 2.5-3 hours. She typically wakes up happy, but recently she has started to cry for us when she wakes up...I think she's figured out that everyone else is up and partying! She sleeps in her crib in a sleep sack with her pacis, Elmo doll, giraffe (stuffed animal) and bunny lovie...and a sound machine.


June loves to eat! She can feed herself with a spoon and a fork, but she is a VERY messy eater! She's a fairly good eater at meal times (breakfast, lunch and dinner), and a professional snacker. Girlfriend LOVES to snack, but who doesn't?! She stopped taking a bottle before bedtime sometime in early January...unfortunately, that milestone was not documented. It was more of a comfort thing anyways, so when we decided not to give her a bottle one night, it really didn't phase her. I just offered her a sippy cup of milk instead of a bottle while we read books and sang songs before bed time. She is a great milk drinker and is now drinking low-fat milk. 

Most Everything Else (in no particular order)...

June is extremely verbal...this really kicked into full force around 16/17 months. She can say a ton of words and can talk in 3-4 word sentences. I stopped teaching her sign language around 16 months because she was talking so much and she could just tell me what she wanted. My favorite word she says is "otay!" She knows that her name is June and she will say June or Junie when she sees herself in the mirror or a picture of herself.

She figured out how to blow her nose a couple of months ago. To most, this may not sound very impressive. But, if you've ever had a sick baby or young toddler, then you know how awesome this is!

June is addicted....and I mean addicted to her paci. When Lucy turned one year, I only let her have her paci in her bed and then eventually weaned her completely from it around 20 months. Let's just say I've been much more lenient with June on this and now I'm afraid that I've created a paci monster! She use to call her paci a "pie." Not sure how that started, but now she calls it a paci.

She LOVES preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays and does great at church and at Community Bible Study on Wednesdays. Drop off is not a problem at all...she walks right in and practically says, "peace out, mom."

June is super laid back and carefree just like her daddy! The other day we were getting in the car on a beautiful, yet windy day. I looked down and saw her giggling with her eyes clothes as the wind was blowing in her face and through her hair. She notices the little things...and I love that about her. She makes me "stop and smell the roses" in the midst of the daily craziness around here!

She fake laughs a lot.

Although she's carefree, she's also quite dramatic. She can get real mad real fast if she doesn't get her way these days.

She recovers from small injuries very quickly, which I'm so very grateful for. Let's just say, my other child is not like this.

We've started putting June in timeout and it's so funny, because she actually likes it. When I get down on her level to talk to her about why she went to timeout, she's already smiling and waiting for a kiss. It kills me and pretty much defeats any lesson I'm trying to teach her because I'm usually cracking up.

She can sit still and watch TV for about 10 minutes or so. Her favorites are Frozen (she loves Olaf!), Elmo, Bubble Guppies, Curious George and Caillou.

June can recognize and say the names of most of the Disney Princesses...and she can recognize and say the colors pink and purple. These are obviously very important skills to have as a girl.

She LOVES Lucy, puzzles, blocks, books (especially her Elmo flap books), pushing her baby dolls around in the stroller, playing with the doll house, playing with fake food, bath time, singing, dancing, riding in the wagon, walking Chloe, checking the mail, swinging and sliding at the park, bubbles, looking at pictures of her family and friends...and much more! This girl is busy, busy!

We love you June Marie...thanks for making us laugh and filling our home and hearts with abundant JOY! Happy 20th months my June Bug! XOXO!

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