Monday, April 20, 2009

It was a good weekend....

Josh was out of town for work on Friday night and all day Saturday (and I didn't have a wedding this weekend), so I had most of the weekend to myself, which was nice. I needed a little alone time to relax and unwind....I've had weddings or have been out of town for the past 6 weeks. I'm tired.

So, here is how my weekend went down....

-Got home early from work, watched Oprah.
-Washed dogs after I caught Kaci covered in mud (see below post).
-Made a very yummy salad for dinner....enjoyed it along with a Smart Ones cheese pizza.
-Ironed 15 of Josh's shirts (took me an hour...trying to save money from the dry cleaners...not sure if it's worth it).
-Watched TLC...2 episodes of What Not to Wear and Say Yes to The those shows...I wish someone would nominate me for What Not to Wear...I want a new wardrobe!
-Went to bed at 10:30pm....the best part of the evening.

-Woke up at 10am...yes, I slept for 11.5 hours. Remember, I'm tired.
-Went to the gym....burned 398 calories.
-Ate lunch, showered and picked up my niece, Kalie, for some Aunt MiMi/Kalie time.
-Went to the Hannah Montana Movie...loved it just as much as Kalie did...desperately want to learn the Hoedown Throwdown dance....hoping that Miley Cyrus will continue to be a good role model for my niece....please don't screw it up Miley...or Hannah...whoever you are.
-Cleaned the kitchen, did 4 loads of laundry, ironed more shirts, washed more mud off of Kaci's face and paws.
-Made another yummy salad for dinner....enjoyed it along with some spaghetti squash.
-Watched You've Got Mail for the 100th favorite quote: "Closing the store is the brave thing to do" -Birdie....quite possibly the best movie ever in my opinion.
-Josh got home at 10:30....we talked about his trip and we were off to bed by 11pm.

-Woke up at 10am (we were heathens and skipped out on church this weekend).
-Took the dogs for a long walk with was a beautiful morning.
-Showered, ate lunch and headed to the Family Legacy team meeting at Grace Bible Church.
-Realized how bad I wish I was going to Zambia this summer.....Josh leaves on May 14th for 3 weeks...I wish I was going with him.
-Dinner with the Family Legacy staff at Paradise Bakery.....the Thai Chicken Wrap is delicious.
-Watched the Miss USA pageant...sad that Miss Texas didn't win...she was so cute...but, I'm always bias towards Miss Texas. :)
-Made a ground turkey and spinach pasta sauce for dinners this's very yummy with wheat pasta or spaghetti pasta....and healthy too!
-Finished my bible study for Monday night.
-Went to bed at 11pm feeling very rested from the weekend!

Happy Monday....wishing you a great week!


The Blogivers said...

1) I'm afraid I can't nominate you for What Not to Wear until you give proof that your clothes are ugly, and I haven't seen proof thus far :)

2) I LOVE Paradise Bakery! They had several in Salt Lake City but none in Austin... I miss their cookies.

3) Glad you had a good, restful weekend :)

Christina said...

Hi Mindy -

It's good to hear from you! I love your blog! Hope to see you at our Alpha Eta reunion weekend!

xoxo Christina

Smits Family said...

Hey! I have periodically checkd your blog too... I also am not sure where I got the link from?! Glad to get in touch with you! Tell Josh hello!

Erin & Doug said...

Mindy! I'm glad you found my blog! Yours is so fun! We really need to get everyone that is in the area together. I can't believe that we both live in Coppell and haven't run in to each other. Have a great week!