Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I usually don't share my secrets...

My mom always tells me not to share my wardrobe secrets, especially when I get something fabulous at a great price! But these finds are just too good to keep secret. I LOVE a great pair of flats. I'm just not a stiletto girl....too uncomfortable for me...I've finally decided that the pain is not worth it! I recently purchased the following flats with some of my birthday money. Killer steals, great looking and COMFORTABLE....can't beat that combo!

From Payless $24.99

From Payless $16.99

From Payless $22.99 (they have a 1 inch heel...perfect for work)

From Target $12.99

P.S....Payless has their BOGO Sale going on right now...buy one, get one half off!

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The Blogivers said...

Two things:

1. Thanks for sharing your secret - makes me want to run to Payless and get one of each pair!

2. That cupcake website you sent is super cute! I actually thought the cupcake wrappers were lamp shades at first :) I'll have to keep those in mind for my Christmas wish list!