Thursday, February 4, 2010

Blog Worthy...

I hate those weeks when I really just don't have anything interesting or fun to blog about. It makes me feel like my life is boring. This gloomy, rainy day in Dallas probably isn't helping my feelings much either! Any whooo....enough of my ranting or complaining...whatever it may be. {Sorry you had to read that}

With all that said, I do actually have something blog worthy to post about today....are you ready for it?! My mom, the beautiful and talented Raedean Popelka, IS COMING TO ZAMBIA THIS SUMMER FOR WEEK 3 OF CAMP LIFE!!!! Mom has been considering it for a while now (and we've been praying that the Lord would place a heavy desire on her heart to come), so we are beyond thrilled that we'll see her in Zambia this summer! My mom has been the biggest advocate and supporter of Josh and I's work with Family Legacy...thank you, mom. You have no idea how much that means to us. We cannot wait for you to see the ministry in action this summer! It's going to change your life. What a blessing that we get to experience that together.

Now, for all of you out there who have considered coming, but are just too nervous, fearful, scared, don't think you can raise the money...whatever your excuse may be. Know this....if my mom can do it, anyone can! :) It's not too late to sign up for Camp LIFE! Come join us in Lusaka, Zambia this summer!

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