Sunday, April 18, 2010

Week 14...1st Trimester Down!

It's hard to believe that I'm already done with my first trimester! It really did fly by, even though I went through most of it without many people knowing that I was pregnant. It still feels so good to finally be able to tell people that I'm expecting! Here are a few things I want to remember from my first trimester with baby Rives #1...

-Food cravings...pretty much everything! Really enjoyed mac-n-cheese, pizza, salads, chips (Cheetos and BBQ), cereal, thin sliced turkey, fruit, cinnamon toast and orange juice.
-Food aversions....bran muffins and hot coffee. No thank you.
-I really felt great most days....every once in a while I would feel bad, but it usually subsided once I had a bite to eat.
-Survived the 24 hour stomach bug at week 12 (it was HORRIBLE)! You're a tough cookie baby Rives!
-Sore boobs...unfortunately, they still are. {Sorry if that was TMI...but my goodness they hurt!}
-Slept well, besides waking up to pee 2-4 times per night. Also had night sweats. Back starting hurting at night around week 10....Snoogle pillow fixed that problem!
-Was not too terribly tired during the day. I think continuing to exercise helped with that. Bed time is much earlier though!
-Pregnancy brain...I can forget the simplest things these days!
-Thanks to the pre-natal vitamins, my hair and nails are growing like weeds!
-A bit more emotional and sentimental, especially when watching TV.
-We're going to have a surprise...but if I had to take a guess at this point, I would say baby Rives is a BOY!
-I've never thought and prayed about something (or should I say someone) this much in my entire life. It's easy to let fear and worry take reign. I'm constantly reminding myself that I serve a sovereign God who is in control of all of the details of my pregnancy.

Welcome trimester #2!! I pray that it goes as smoothly as trimester #1 went!

Week 14...


Courtney Squillante said...

That is just the most precious bump! Congrats on making it through the first trimester. You are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE the second!!!! :) Oh, ps- the ladies do NOT ever start feeling better! Ugh!

BJ and Karen said...

you are arching your back... you don't have a bump yet. but what a cute top you are wearing... so stylish, great taste.

Lauren said...

You are gorgeous Mindy! I'm so excited for you guys! I can't wait to meet him/her. You will be an amazing momma!

Zach and Courtney Edwards said...

You look great pregnant and sport that bump beautifully! Congratulations to you and Josh. What an exciting time for yall. I am thrilled for you both. Looking forward to hearing pink or blue! :)

The Bethancourts said...

Congrats to you Mindy! Baby Rives is looking strong in those photos. Enjoy the pregnancy and can't wait to hear when he or she arrives!