Friday, January 28, 2011


I will admit it....I love Valentine's Day! Mainly because of the cute decorations, cards and CANDY! Growing up, my mom decorated our house for Valentine' over the top decorations. As soon as the Christmas decor went down, Valentine's went up. I loved it...and still do! Josh always does a good job with Valentine's all started on our first Valentine's day (2000...senior year of high school) when he showed up at my front door dressed head to toe in RED, drove me to school and walked me all the way to my first class. It was awesome....classic Josh for sure. We've moved away from the typical Valentine's celebration (spending way too much on pre-fixed menus at fancy restaurants)....and now usually celebrate with our friends at one of our houses. Actually last year, at our Valentine's dinner party, I was pregnant! We found out we were expecting the day before. It was the hardest thing I've ever done not telling our little secret to our best friends!

Did you know that Shutterfly offers personalized Valentine's cards??? They are oh so cute too! Look how adorable this one is!! They have great personalized gifts too....I think these magnets are precious....a great Valentine's gift for grandparents! Or for the coffee drinker in your life, these personalized mugs are the perfect gift. You could include a package of their favorite coffee or coffee shop gift card too. If you're interested in receiving 25 FREE Valentine's cards from Shutterfly, click here. Such a great deal for bloggers! One lucky Peanut Butter & Poptarts reader will also receive 25 free cards...leave a comment if you're interested! I'm going to do a random drawing once I receive the promo codes from Shutterfly.

What are you planning for Valentine's Day this year? I need to come up with something creative to do for Josh. And plan a dinner party that I think our friends (or at least the guys) are starting to expect! :) Just's so fun! Happy Valentine's everyone!!


Diana Kleary said...

My husband and I met in high school as well...and graduated in 2000! But, my husband never showed up at my front door head to toe in red! That is absolutely adorable! I am surprising my husband with a trip this summer to Mt. Whitney. I am going to put together some backpacking gear and a framed photo of Mt. Whitney and wrap it all up with a big red bow! Then, surprise! We will be hiking it this summer! Happy Valentine's Day to all! P.S. Congratulations on Motherhood!

Anonymous said...

My best friend and I just came up with our plans for our husbands tonight. I will share if you want.... But
for the kids we drink out of cheesy Valentine goblets (from the Dollar store) and eat everything in the shape of a heart (pizza, brownie cookie, etc). Of course we ALWAYS have fondue! We included the kids in the full course last year for the first time, not just dessert. They LOVED it.

B said...

I'd love to win! We had photos taken of Anna Grace for Valentine's day and having a cute card to go with it would be just wonderful for all of the grandparents and great grandparents! We will be making Anna Grace's first batch of Jell-o and cutting it with heart shapes this Valentine's day! We also had a blast stamping Valentine's for all of her preschool friends.

Julianne said...

#1: Lucy Kate is yummy adorable!
#2: Love me some Shutterfly! I just made a 100 page book of Charlie's first year of life!
#3: I'm taking pictures of all of Charlie's paintings from school and putting them in a Shutterfly book. (great idea a friend told me so we don't have to save every single piece of artwork the kiddos do over the years)
#4: Charlie's Valentine's card will be on the blog soon :)

Hope you can escape your driveway soon!
Love- Julianne