Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011...

Last Easter I was 13 weeks pregnant and we were telling all of our family and friends that baby Rives was on the's hard to believe that a year has gone by, and our little bunny is here {and 6 months old already}!!! We had a very fun Easter weekend! On Saturday, we went to church with Jewelz and had dinner at Little Pete's on Lake Grapevine. We gathered at Jewelz for a few family pics before we left for church...

Easter Sunday we went to church with G and Pops and had lunch and an Easter Egg hunt at their house afterwards. Easter morning...

The Easter Bunny visited Miss Lucy!! And she got 3 others baskets from Jewelz, G and Pops and Kalie and Cole!
After her afternoon nap, we played with all of her Easter goodies!

Lucy's ready for some fun in the sun this summer!
She figured the sippy cup out pretty quickly!
She's still not a big fan of being on her tummy....but we're making improvements!
How awesome are these thighs?!

I almost forgot...Friday was Josh's 29th birthday!! As a surprise, I asked our family and close friends to send birthday wishes for Josh. I printed them all out and taped them up for him to find Friday morning...he loved it! We went on a date Friday night to celebrate! We had dinner at Truluck's, which was delicious and such a treat! And Lucy had a non-family member babysitter for the first time. She did great and I wasn't worried at all! We were laughing that we had to stop by the bank on the way home to get cash for the, how things have changed!

He is RISEN....He has RISEN indeed!! Hallelujah! This is my favorite song right good!

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Elyse said...

Very fun! We would love to watch Miss Lucy for you if you ever need a hand. Glad you had a Happy Easter!