Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day...

I had a wonderful first Mother's Day today! Being a mom is absolutely the best and I'm truly blessed that God entrusted me to be Lucy's mom. What a gift. The celebrating started yesterday when Julie (my wonderful mother-in-law) treated me to a pedicure...we had so much fun getting pampered and catching up. I worked a wedding last night, so we missed church at The Door. We were planning on going to Irving Bible Church this morning, but Lucy's cough is still lingering (she was up a few times last night because of it) and I was nervous about taking her to the nursery. So, we had a lazy morning...Josh let me sleep in while he watched Lucy and then went to lunch at Le Madeleine...their spinach salad with chicken sounded so good! Josh and Lucy gave me a gift certificate to this new place in Addison called Felax....yep, they specialize in foot massages. I CANNOT wait to go!!!! 40 minutes of heaven, I'm sure!

Lucy and I after lunch...
After lunch we came home to work on Lucy's first craft project...Mother's Day cards for Jewelz, G and Aunt Jill!!
After Lucy's afternoon nap, we went over to Josh's parents to wish G a Happy Mother's Day!! She loved her homemade card and framed picture of Lucy in the bluebonnets!
Julie and Lucy made me this adorable plate for my first Mother's Day...I LOVE IT!!
Someone has TWO pearly whites now!!
We spent the rest of the afternoon in the pool at Jimmy and Jill's. It was Lucy's first time to go swimming and she loved it! She stayed in the water for well over an hour!!
Sweet girl had pruny feet...
So she took a little break on the side of the pool and chewed on this cow for about 10 minutes!
My brother is amazing at the grill. He made us a fantastic dinner for Mother's Day. We had 3 types of shrimp, sausage, grilled vegetables, his famous thin cut french fries and cake balls for dessert! Delicious!!!
Kalie takes great care of Lucy....and Lucy LOVES her Kalie!!
Happy Mother's Day!!!


The Blogivers said...

Sounds like a successful and fun first Mother's Day for you!! Glad you had such a good day :)

Katie Norwood said...

Oh my goodness she is just so stinking cute. And that bathing suit.... quite the starlet already! And by the way... that grill is out of control. He is SERIOUS.

Shelbi Rampy said...

Um...LOVE Lucy's swimsuit and what great pictures of mom and daughter!!! Her smile is the best!