Friday, February 17, 2012


December 12, 2011 is the day we found out about Baby Rives #2!!

Yay...I'm going to be a BIG sister!!
We attempted to take a family picture, but this is the best one we got... :)

We were certainly thrilled, but quite shocked that it happened so quickly! We started talking (not trying) about having another baby when Lucy turned one (Oct. 18th). I made a few hospital visits to see The Rector Family when Tripp was born (Nov. 25th), and I think that really lit the flame to my baby fever! So, we decided to start trying thinking it would probably take several months to get pregnant. No so much...first times a charm! I had the same feeling when I took a pregnancy test with Lucy...I just knew it was going to be positive. And sure enough, those 2 lines appeared right away!

Here is Baby's first picture at 8 weeks...due August 16, 2012!
I didn't have a sonogram at 12 weeks, but Baby's heartbeat was nice and strong (166).

We told our immediate families over Christmas, which was so much fun! I ordered Lucy a big sister shirt to reveal our news. On the front it said "Guess whoo has a secret?"
And here is the back!
Our families were so excited and very surprised! Julie screamed so loud that she made Lucy cry! My dad didn't even notice (even though he was looking right at Lucy's back)...I had to tell him to read Lucy's shirt! :) Lucy and her baby brother or sister will be 22 months apart...oh man, my life is about to get real crazy!

I'm 14 weeks now and so far, this pregnancy could not be more different than my pregnancy with Lucy. With Lucy I felt great...I really couldn't even tell I was pregnant. With this little nugget, I started feeling bad around week 6...and it's still going. I've been nauseous (it's mild, but constant) and I'm more tired than I've ever been in my life! There have been many days that Lucy and I are on the same nap schedule...yes, 2 naps a day. And, typically I am not a napper. I've had a few good days mixed in there lately, so I'm hoping I'll turn a corner soon and start feeling well! I've had a strong appetite, but not much sounds good. With Lucy I was just as hungry, but everything sounded wonderful! Foods that I do crave...anything salty (and unhealthy) like ramen noodles, hamburgers, french fries, pizza and chips and foods with artificial cheese like mac-n-cheese, cheetos and gold fish. Cereal and salads also do the trick! I craved artificial cheese and cereal with Lucy as well. With this pregnancy, I get a horrible after-taste in my mouth after I eat (every time), so I've been drinking lots of water and chewing loads of gum lately! The strangest similarity so far...I got a nasty stomach bug at 12 weeks with both pregnancies. I'm sure it was just a coincidence, but it's still weird. I would really like to find out what we are having with this one, but Josh is adamant (and very passionate) about not finding out like we did with Lucy. So, I guess I will let him win this battle! I made it with Lucy and I can make it with this one....and the surprise really is worth it!

We feel tremendously blessed that the Lord has entrusted us to another one of His children. We give Him all the glory and honor. For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother's womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. (Psalm 139:13-14) Lucy Kate was a promise fulfilled and we trust God that Baby #2 will be as well.


Amber Massey said...

Congrats to you and Josh (and LK, too!) What a blessing and beautiful way to celebrate the Christmas season!

Katie Norwood said...

I'm so excited for you all! This is really great. Obviously Lucy will be a great sister, and you are already a great mom! So fun.

Jessica Hudson said...

Congrats! I'm 15+ weeks pregnant with baby #2 and my first was born just under a month after Lucy. It's definitely been a little tougher this time around! I'm sure my little guy is a bit more wild than your sweet girl. I hope you feel better soon!

kinsey said...

Mine are 22 months apart and it's great! Congrats :)