Saturday, April 7, 2012

Egg Hunt at The Door Church

Today our church hosted an Easter party and egg hunt for the little ones! It was Lucy's first time to hunt eggs, and I'd say she is a pro...she caught on very quickly! We had such a great time celebrating our savior's resurrection with our church family!

Sliding with daddy and mommy!
Karen and Eleanor!
Time to eat...she'll run for food!
Yummy cookie...
Hi Tripper Boy!
Lucy loved carrying her basket...
After lunch, the girls were ready to hunt eggs!
Leni-Kate, Eleanor and Lucy
Hunting eggs with daddy...
She opened each egg to see what was inside before she put them in her basket!
Eleanor always makes sure that Lucy is well hydrated...thanks E!
The best family shot we could get...
Lucy was more concerned about her candy...and I don't blame her!
Jewelz came to watch Lucy hunt eggs...Lucy just learned how to say Jewelz and it sounds so cute!
This picture cracks me up! :)
Lucy was exhausted when we go home. She went down for a nap at 1pm and she's still's almost 4pm!

Happy Easter!!!!!!