Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lucy at 24 months...

Weight: 27.20 lbs (58%)
Height: 39.25" (100%)
Clothes: Size 24mo - 2 T
Shoes: Size 7-8
Diapers: Size 4

Sleep:  Lucy sleeps 11-12 hours at night (typically 8pm - 8am) and takes a 2-3 hour nap during the day (typically around 1:30/2pm).  She still sleeps in a sleep sack, with a sound machine and she hasn't attempted to climb out of her crib yet!  I don't think we're anywhere close to transitioning to a big girl bed and that is completely fine with me.  Our bed time and nap time routine consists of reading a couple of books and singing a few songs before I put her in her crib.  She always wants us to sing "Jesus Loves Me" before we leave the room and she typically talks/sings to herself for a bit before falling asleep.  She doesn't always wake up happy from naps, but her grouchiness is usually short lived and typically fixed with a good snack!  Our favorite thing is waking her up in the morning, because she always says the most random and funny never know what will come out of her mouth!

Eating:  Lucy is still a great eater!  She'll eat just about anything...vegetables are hit or miss though.  Some of her favorites: fruit/veggie squeezies and smoothies, yogurt, cottage cheese, waffles, eggs, cereal, any kind of fruit, chicken nuggets, Morning Star nuggets and corn dogs, cheese, peanut butter sandwiches, pasta of any kind, chicken, turkey, hummus, edamame, canned green beans, corn, pizza, pretzels, gold fish, graham crackers and anything sweet (in moderation, of course!).  She LOVES much so that we've had to watch her intake lately.  We recently switched her from whole milk to 1% or 2%.

Communication:  Lucy is extremely verbal.  She can repeat anything we say and can easily speak in full sentences now.  It's so much fun having conversations with her!  Some of the things that come out of her mouth just crack us up....she learns new words everyday!  Josh and I have to really watch what we say and what we watch on TV, because she literally can repeat anything!!  She has recently started singing the words to songs too.  

Activities:  Lucy has improved so much over the past few months with self-play.  She plays great by herself now, especially when I'm feeding June.  Playing "momma" with her baby dolls is definitely her favorite activity.  She'll feed them, dress/undress them, put them to bed and push them in her stroller and shopping cart.  She likes playing in her little kitchen, play house and tent and playing pretend with all of her fake food.  She enjoys coloring, painting, chalk, play dough, stickers, puzzles, books, dress-up and playing with balls and blocks.  She loves to be outside, going on walks and playing at the playground.  She finally enjoys swinging again (she took about a year hiatus from the swing!) and she really likes slides.  She became quite the water baby over the summer and we'll start swim lessons hopefully in the spring or early summer.  She's also a big fan of music and dancing...especially with daddy!  She plays great with other kids and loves going to play group (so does mommy)!  Her favorite shows are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Sesame Street, Barney and Winnie the Pooh.

Potty Training: We haven't really started working on this, but she does let us know when she needs to or has gone poop and asks to have her diaper changed when she is done.  She has also started hiding or running into the other room when she is pooping.  We've asked her a few times if she wants to sit on the big girl potty and she said "NO, so we're not pushing potty training at all.  We'll start when she is good and ready, so hopefully it won't take long to conquer!  

Personality:  Overall, Lucy is a very happy and compliant girl!  She definitely will test her limits at times (and can throw a mean temper tantrum), but she is normally quick to follow instructions and do what we ask.  She is very loving/caring/friendly towards others and interacts well with children and adults.  She transitions so much quicker (and easier) now to new people and new places.  This year at school, she walks right into her classroom and hardly ever skips a beat when we say goodbye and leave the room.  This was definitely not the case last year! Her sensory issues have improved dramatically over the past 6 months, but loud noises and being startled still freak her out a bit.  Lucy can be flexible, but she if very much a routine kind-of girl.  She is one funny little lady...her laugh is infectious and her smile can light up any room!

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