Thursday, February 21, 2013

Grocery Problems + New Recipes

One of my goals for 2013 is to meal plan better, cook more, use coupons...and thus SAVE MONEY at the grocery store.  First of all...I HATE THE GROCERY STORE and I know this is part of my problem of spending way too much money there...I tend to blow through the store throwing anything into my basket (not paying attention to prices/sales) so I can get the heck out of there!  And I'm horrible about taking weekly trips to the grocery store, spending $125-150 and coming home with no real meals to show for it.  What?!  So, January came and went...and we spent a ridiculous amount of money (again) on much for new year resolutions!  But I started fresh in February and so far things are (slowly) improving.  I'm carving time out of my schedule each week to browse Pinterest for new and easy recipes, making my shopping list (in order of the store), writing down our meals for the week (so I don't forget what I bought/have to cook), clipping coupons when convenient (I wish I was better at this)....AND...wait for it...wait for it...USING CASH ONLY at the grocery store.  This has helped tremendously, because it makes me actually pay attention to what is on sale and compare prices on things before I just throw it into my basket.  It's like a game now (that I'm playing with myself)...and I always love a good dose of competition in my life.  And the more money I save, the quicker we can buy a new this is motivating me as well!  I love my Tahoe...but I've been driving her for almost 11 she's getting tired.  Josh and I would love to have the cash to buy a new (well, gently used...but new to us!) car early next year, so it's CASH ONLY at the grocery store, for eating out and for any household/toiletry items purchased at places like Target/Walmart/Sams, etc. for at least a year.  Using cash really makes me more conscious of what I'm buying and how much I'm actually sure does add up quick...and quicker when I use a credit card for everything!  So, here goes nothing!  New better be worth it.

Looking for something new to cook??  I found these recipes on Pinterest that are new favorites in our house...

*I did not use jalapenos...and after the chicken/onions cooked, I dumped the mixture on a cutting board and chopped it up real fine before adding the other ingredients.  I did not make the cilantro cream sauce...dipping in ranch and salsa is delicious.  These are fabulous!

*I freeze half of the recipe (it makes 8 big enchiladas) for another night.  Yummy!

*I followed Sandra's directions to the tee...the soup is amazing for a cold day or when you're feeling crummy.

And 2 new cooking tips I've learned recently...

1.  For shredding chicken after it's cooked in the crockpot, use your KitchenAid mixer!!  Wow, it works perfectly and it's so quick!
2.  For cutting brownies, use a plastic knife in a sawing like a charm.  No more messy looking brownies!


Shelbi Rampy said...

Thanks for the tips! We are trying to do this too because I also need a new car. Our food expenses for the month are ridiculous for two people! I found this website ( and really like it because you just download the PDF and it's 5 meals with the shopping list already done for you. It has cut down time for me so I don't have to go searching for recipes every week and if we don't like something on the menu one week, I just substitute it for something else. Or you can also just go searching through every menu until you find one you like...I do that too. :)

Anonymous said...

cash only over here at Knightly manor is definitely the method of choice!!! :) I hate it at times but Andrew nudges me gently and reminds me that living on a budget is the best way!