Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Blog Neglect...

I know it's time to update my poor, neglected blog when I start receiving emails from my family members asking if I'm sick or something! Thanks for checking on me cousin Paula....this post is for you!

All is well in our neck of the is really picking up for me with all of our Spring and Summer weddings on the horizon. Josh is busy with work as well getting ready for Camp LIFE this summer. I can't believe we leave for Zambia on May 15th!! We're are getting so excited and I think it's starting to really sink in that we are leaving in 2 months and we'll be gone for 8 weeks!! Yikes!!

Other than that, not much else to report. Sorry! I guess I'm boring right now.

I'm going to see Dear John tonight with my book club girls....we read the book last month. I hear that the movie is very different from the book, so I'm anxious to see it!

Have a great day!!

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