Thursday, March 11, 2010

Deep thoughts from Kalie and Cole Popelka...

This email from my sister-in-law totally made my day yesterday....
Just left the bedside of your precious, amazing and fun niece and nephew.
Kalie – wise beyond her 7 years – told us that when she’s 15 she plans to find a boyfriend that loves the Longhorns. Really hilarious…how she works your brother and me.
Cole – who is as sweet as he looks – told me that he does not know how to choose a girlfriend. I told him that all the beautiful girls will love him, but what is important is to find one that loves Jesus. He said “Mom, how do I find a girl who loves Jesus the most?”
After a long day, I needed a back up. I was about to fail as a mother without a good response to a very deep, serious question!!
My response: “Aunt Mi Mi knows the answer to that question, Cole.” He said “I’ll ask Mi Mi.”
Did you know that when your brother had children it would be such a big responsibility for YOU?
I think my heart just might melt! Now on to figuring out my response to Cole's oh so important question!

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