Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I need to buy a piece of green clothing for St. Patrick's Day 2011. I don't even have a pair of green panties.

We found a new Thai restaurant near our house that has great food. Our dishes were a bit spicy, but delicious.

Counting down the days until glee is back {April 13th}!

Still so excited that The Rectors are official residences of Coppell....their new house is a mile away from ours!

Went to see Dear John last week with my book club girls....I can actually say that I enjoyed the book and the movie.

I'm really loving cereal right now.

My husband (who is anti-social networking) has caved and is now Twittering.

We leave for Zambia in 64 days!

Thankful that the Lord has provided the perfect situation for our home and pups while we're gone.

Josh is shocked that I have absolutely no desire to join him on April 11th at 7:30am to watch the implosion of Texas Stadium.

Still amazed that Jake actually picked Vienna. Sad that we'll be in Zambia during Alli's reign as the bachelorette.

I've almost finished my second bag of Hershey's Eggs of the favorite Easter candy.

Really not that impressed with American Idol's Top 12.

Busy blogging at work....check out our new blog! A little reason why PB&PT has been lacking lately. Sorry.

Ashamed that this is my 3rd blog post in a row with no not like me.

Mailed in our census form today.

Looking forward to trying this quick bread recipe soon.

Extremely grateful for the blessings in our lives.


Kim said...

I'm not impressed with American Idol this year either... wasn't sure if it was just me? SUPER disappointing!

BJ and Karen said...

I have become a more frequent blogger than you... so I saw a pig flying this morning on my way to work. A new insane reality.