Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Rite of Passage...

Assembling the baby's crib is a rite of passage that all first time dads-to-be must take...Josh did it flawlessly, of course! Directions were followed to a tee and all screws were tightened extra tight!

Proud (and absolutely adorable) papa to be...

It's a bit strange (but very exciting) to have a crib in our home now! We're getting closer and closer to being prepared for baby's arrival...or as prepared as we can be!

{♥ A very special thanks to my Dad and Corinne for purchasing the crib for Baby Rives! ♥}

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Katy said...

I think that was totally Austin's crib but black. Is it convertable? Austin is now in the toddler bed style of it. :)