Tuesday, August 31, 2010

33 Weeks...

The days are passing by way too quickly....I cannot believe that I only have 47 days to go! I had a doctor's appointment yesterday...baby's heart beat was nice and strong and I'm still measuring right on track for my October 18th due date. Doctor's visits are every 2 weeks now. Thankfully, I'm still feeling great....but starting to get quite tired at the end of the day. I'm sure that has to do with the fact that I'm 33 weeks pregnant, it's still 100 degrees outside and I'm working like crazy! Work is absolutely nuts right now, which is also making the days pass by way too quickly. Over the past 2 weeks the nursery has made HUGE strides. It's almost done....just waiting on a few more little details! Pictures coming soon...promise! My besties threw me a lovely baby shower on Sunday. I had so much fun and felt tremendously blessed! I will post pictures from the party as soon as I have time. Josh and I are still discussing names for baby Rives. No decisions yet for boy OR girl, which is really stressing me out! I'm starting to think that our baby will remain nameless once it's born! I have officially lost my belly button and waddle quite gracefully! :) Baby is a wiggle worm...all of the time! Still, such an incredible feeling and sweet reminder of God's handy work! We are so excited to meet our little one soon!

{33 Weeks}

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Steph said...

you look adorable, mindy!