Sunday, September 18, 2011

11 months...

Hello 11 months!!! How can it be?! This month was full of changes and a few rough days, but all in all it was another amazing month with our precious baby girl!

Lucy sleep schedule is still the same. Wake up between 7:30/7:45am. Morning nap from 10am-11:30am. Afternoon nap from 2:30pm-4pm. Down for bed at 8am. We are so thankful that she is a good sleeper!

She is still eating 4 times a day. Bottle/breakfast right when she wakes up, bottle/lunch after her morning nap, bottle/snack after her afternoon nap and dinner around 6:30/7pm, followed by a bottle right before bedtime. She drinks about 6oz of formula each time she gets a bottle. She will not take baby food anymore. This started about 3 weeks ago right after I just restocked our pantry with tons of baby food, of course! She is great at eating table food and she will eat just about anything we put in front of her. She is a pretty consistent eater, but some meals are better than others. She usually eats the most/best at dinner time. Blueberries, strawberries, grapes, bananas, cheese, green beans, turkey, chicken and black beans are some of her favorite foods. She moans when she is eating something she really's pretty funny! Sister girl likes her groceries!

Lucy cut 2 new teeth this month....1 on top and 1 on bottom. She now has 4 on the top and 3 on the bottom. She is wearing size 12-18 month clothes and size 3 diapers.

She is a fast little crawler now and can stand/balance on her own. She took her first steps on the evening of October 16th at G and Pops' house. She took 4 consecutive steps twice that evening. Granny and Grandad (Lucy's great grandparents) were there too....everyone when nuts when she did it! It was so much fun! I'm sure we'll have a walker soon! She loves to cruise along the couch and ottomans, push her walker around the house and she can walk pretty fast when we are holding her hands. Lucy LOVES when Josh and I play chase with totally cracks her up and gets her so excited! Lucy does not like to fall. When she falls, she totally loses it...whether it hurt or not. I think it just scares her. So, because of this, she is very cautious and it can take her a little while to warm up to new surroundings. She is also still not a big fan of loud noises or loud people...again, she will lose it if something/someone is too loud for her sensitive little ears...for example, the eruption that occurred when she took her first steps!! :)

Lucy learned how to give five (albeit with closed hands) this's too cute! She still waves and claps all of the time. The first thing she does when I wake her up in the morning is wave to Chloe and Kaci...she loves her puppy dogs! She also learned how to drink from a straw this month. She was quite proud of herself when she figured this out....and now all she wants to do is drink from my cup! Lucy can say: Hi, Uh Oh, Aggie, Dog, Ball, Dadda and Momma. When she wants something, she'll point to it and say ah, ah, ah. Lucy thoroughly enjoys opening and closing cabinet doors and drawers...I think it's time to finally get our house baby proofed!

Lucy's little personality has really started to come out! When she likes or doesn't like something, she will definitely let you know! Yikes...typical girl, I guess?! She can be shy/hesitant around new people, but eventually she will warm up to them. She is normally very happy, but we've had several rough days this month with small tantrums and moodiness. She also had a rough week or so with the hand, foot and mouth virus. I didn't realize she had this until I finally took her to the doctor a few weeks ago (because I was about to lose my mind) and found out she had painful ulcers in her mouth! Poor girl! And now we're dealing with allergies and a sinus infection. Hopefully we'll be back to normal soon!

Happy 11 months Lucy Kate! What an honor it is to be your mommy. You are my delight and fill my life with so much JOY! Know that you are deeply loved, sweet one! Let the 1st birthday party planning begin....

These monthly photo shoots are getting harder and harder now that Lucy is mobile!

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Katie Norwood said...

Well she is rockin the skinny jeans! So adorable. She is looking more like a grown up little girl and not a baby!!