Monday, April 8, 2013

June gets tubes...

After 2 long months of June battling four back to back (to back to back) double ear infections (including one ruptured ear drum),  little miss got her first (and hopefully only) set of ear tubes this past Friday.  We went to the ENT on Wednesday afternoon and she was quickly scheduled for surgery first thing Friday morning!  Dr. Bauer said her ears were loaded with fluid and she completely failed her hearing test, so he was most concerned about hearing loss and speech delay.  Poor girl couldn't hear a lick...broke my heart to pieces. June was ready for TUBES...and we couldn't wait for Friday to arrive!

We arrived for surgery at 6:30am on Friday!  June was terrified.  Not really, just hungry (she couldn't eat until after the surgery).
All prepped and ready to go!
June was a big hit in the pre-op area...she wanted to chat with all of the nurses and doctors!
Getting a pep talk from dad...
About an hour after arriving to the hospital, it was June's turn! She was out of our arms for less than 10 was so quick, thank goodness!  Dr. Bauer said the surgery went perfect and that he drained out gobs of fluid.
The toughest part was the 45 or so minutes post surgery.  She had a rough time coming off of the anesthesia (which is very normal)...she would go in and out of crying really, really hard.  She finally settled down once the medicine wore off and sucked down her bottle on the way home.
And she's out!  She was pretty happy for the rest of the day and took 2 good, long naps.
The morning after...I'd say she's pretty stoked that she can actually hear!!  Here's to NO MORE eat infections and sleepless nights...please!!!!!!!!!


The Lukefahrs said...

Aw.... I'm glad it went so well!

Katie Norwood said...

Sweet pictures. I'm really glad y'all found a solution! Yay to feeling good!

Jenni said...

So glad things went well. I hope they work well for y'all like they do Levi. Kinda gross, but we can actually SEE them working sometimes...he now will drain all that gook that would be otherwise building up in his ear causing the infection. I'll take that any day over a sick kiddo, though!

Marina said...

She melts my heart. So so cute.