Saturday, April 27, 2013

Those new recipes...

Life has been very busy lately, so we've eaten leftovers, fended for ourselves, or eaten out a bit more than normal...and it took me 2 weeks to cook the recipes I included on my last meal post. All of the new recipes turned out great! Here are my tidbits...

This was delicious and made the perfect amount for me, Josh and Lucy. To save some time, I used Uncle Ben's Ready Rice that you cook for 90 seconds in the microwave. I was not paying attention and accidentally used soy sauce instead of teriyaki sauce, but it tasted great with the soy sauce. Next time I'll use teriyaki sauce for a different flavor. But soy sauce is definitely a great substitute. Quick and easy weeknight meal for sure (I prepped chicken during nap time)!

Yummy!! I followed the recipe to a tee. The recipe made 15 taquitos instead of 9-10, so it's a great recipe for a crowd. I went ahead and fried them instead of baking and they were nice and crisp! Quick and easy weeknight meal, especially if you use a rotisserie chicken!

This was awesome! We just had a little bit left over (probably not enough for someone to make a meal of it). I left out the mushrooms and snow peas and added chicken and asparagus instead. I cooked the chicken first in the pan, then added the other ingredients. You can use any veggie you'd like for this dish. Since I used about a pound of diced chicken, I double the amount of soy sauce, sugar and cayenne pepper. It does have a little bit of a kick (not too bad), so limit the amount of cayenne pepper you use if you prefer a milder version. Quick and easy weeknight meal (I prepped the chicken during nap time)!

This was delicious and made the house smell incredible! I used uncooked chicken sausage and all of the spices that are optional in the recipe. Definitely use the spices and don't leave out the banana yummy! I served it over Uncle Ben's Wild Rice. There's some chopping required for this recipe, but it didn't take too long. I prepped everything while the girls were napping, so all I had to do was pop it in the oven when we were ready for dinner.

Awesome recipe! I followed the recipe to a tee, expect I left out the jalapeƱo pepper. I also chopped the onion really, really fine. This soup had great flavors and it made enough for both Josh and I to eat it for lunch the next day! I prepped this the night before in the crockpot, so all I had to do was turn on the crockpot the next day. Super easy and really delicious!

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Brittany Sciba said...

Thanks so much for sharing your menu! I've already tried a few and we've added them to our favorite week night meals - yay! Our favorite so far has been the crock pot chicken enchiladas - YUM!