Friday, June 5, 2009

A cup of water in the night....

My book club is reading A Severe Mercy right now....I've actually read the book once before, but what a joy it has been to read it again. It's one of the most influential books I have ever read about marriage....I highly suggest that you read it if you haven't already. It's a true story about a couple named Van and Davy and their journey of love and coming to know the Lord. Their deep and profound love for one another (and eventually their love for Jesus) is truly inspiring. The first half of the book describes the foundation and principles of their love and respect for one another (even though they weren't Christians yet)'s pretty incredible. This is one paragraph that really "hit me" when I read it....and re-read it. The last sentence is my favorite.

"And there was a principle of courtesy: whatever one of us asked the other to do - it was assumed the asker would weigh all consequences - the other would do. Thus one might wake the other in the night and ask for a cup of water; and the other would peacefully (and sleepily) fetch it. We, in fact, defined courtesy as 'a cup of water in the night'. And we considered it a very great courtesy to ask for the cup as well as to fetch it."

What I would give to fetch Josh a glass of water tonight. Only 2 more nights by myself....I can't wait for him to get home! I covet your prayers for Josh as he travels back from Zambia over the next 2 days.

Have a wonderful weekend!


lindsey fusch said...

saying a prayer for safe travels back mindy!

Anonymous said...

it was nice to meet you at marina's shower...thanks for hosting such a lovely party!