Monday, June 22, 2009

Greetings from Frankfurt!

We landed safely in Frankfurt this morning...our 2nd leg to Athens doesn't leave until 9pm tonight, so we've had a solid 12 hours to kill between flights. We tried to get bumped to an earlier flight, but no luck...everything was full! So, we went into Frankfurt for a few hours to explore and have lunch....and now we're at the AA Admirals Club naping and taking it easy until our next flight. Mom surprised us and upgraded us to Businss Class from Dallas to was my first time to fly Business Class on an overseas flight...WOW, it was amazing!!! It was so awesome to be able to lay down (completely flat) during the flight and actually get some decent rest....and the food/service was terrific too! I'm definitly spoiled a bad way! :) We'll arrive in Athens at 1:30am tomorrow morning (6/23)...we're staying at a hotel right at the airport, so we'll be able to go to sleep fairly quickly after we land. We'll have a few hours to explore Athens in the afternoon before leaving on our flight to Santorini!! We get to Santorini at 8pm tomorrow night! We are all so excited to get there!!! I'm not sure when I'll have internet service next, but I'll try to blog when I can. Aufwiedersehen! ("Until I see you again" in German)


Caroline said...

mindy have so much fun! miss you! Oh ad love the new look!

penny lane designs said...

Aww- business class?? I am jealous! I always hate having to walk by them while they are sipping their champagne and enjoying their hot towels. Now you got to be one of them. :) HAVE FUN ON YOUR TRIP!!! Can't wait to see some pictures.

Mel said...

Have so much fun minpop!!
I am so jealous! Take LOTS of pics, and love the new look!