Sunday, December 19, 2010

2 Months...

Miss Lucy is 2 months old!

Lucy has really changed a lot over the past month....

-2 month doctor's appointment statistics: Weight 11lbs 4 oz (70th percentile), Length 23 inches (80th percentile), head circumference 38.10 cms (40th percentile)
-She definitely recognizes Josh and I (especially our voices)
-Starting to smile a lot (completely melts my heart)
-Can hold her head up really well
-Loves to "stand up" with our help. I think she has really strong legs!
-Eats 7 times per day (typically at 5am, 8am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm, 8pm, 11pm)
-Takes a bottle well when dad feeds her
-Is sleeping a 6 hour stretch most nights (11pm - 5am)!!!
-Nighttime routine: After her 8pm feed, she has a little awake time and then we put her down for bed. We dream feed her around 11pm....and she goes right back to bed. She has been waking up around 3am (she use to have a feed around this time), but now we give her a paci and she usually falls back to sleep fairly quickly after a little bit of crying. Wakes up around 5am for a feed and goes back to sleep until 8am or so. This routine just kicked in about a week and a half ago...and it's amazing! Thank you, Baby Wise!
-She sleeps in her crib at night and during the day for naps
-She is becoming a much better napper during the day (praise God!)
-She loves being swaddled when she sleeps (big fan of the Miracle Blanket)
-She can follow sounds and has started grabbing things (my hair, blankets, her clothes and toys)
-She has started to coo and "talk" to us
-She loves to go on walks
-Now that we have somewhat of a routine, running errands during the day has become much easier...and fun!
-She does great in the car (she was not a fan of her car seat at first)
-When she's fussy, usually her changing table or swing can fix it. Those are 2 of her favorite places!

A few pics from the past month...

We love you so much Lucy Kate. You continue to capture our hearts more and more each day. You are such a blessing to us!!


Elyse said...

Love the naked picture! Oh my goodness is that belly sweet. Congrats on her sleeping through the night. Way to Go!

lindsey fusch said...

she's so precious mindy! just know that each month it keeps getting better and better!! it makes me tear up thinking how big eleanor is seems like yesterday when she was that tiny! enjoy EVERY moment!