Monday, December 6, 2010

A little different this year...

Christmas is a little different for us this year with a newborn. The decorations are quite a bit simpler...but the tree is up (minus an entire storage box of ornaments), the mantle is decorated and the lights are on the house. The majority of our shopping will take place online....actually I'm not complaining about that....not fighting the crowds is nice! I don't have time to shop for any new festive outfits (are sweat pants OK to wear this year?) and we can't attend all of the holiday parties and events like we normally do in December....But my heart is FULL OF JOY this Christmas season as I'm reminded of the life changing gift of Christ's birth...a mighty God in the form of a helpless baby. Quite remarkable. Now that Lucy is here, I can begin to relate with Mary with how she must have felt that first Christmas night holding her new born baby. What a responsibility she had as a young mother to raise the savior of the world! I wonder if she ever got frustrated with Jesus at 3am in the morning? Surely not. :)

Lucy's first Christmas tree....Lucy, mom promises to go all out next year and actually help decorate the Christmas tree! Thank you Jewelz for doing our tree this year...we probably wouldn't have one up if it wasn't for you!
Lucy is ready for Santa and his reindeer to get here! There's no doubt that this little lady is going to have one heck of a Christmas!


Sarah said...

Your tree is gorgeous! As well as your sweet little Lucy.

PS. My son Liam was born 10/22/09 and if he would have been a girl the name was going to be Lucy :-)

Jenean said...

I found you by mistake when googling "peanut butter and pop tarts" after having a strong craving. LOL. So glad I found you back in 2008! I have silently followed your blog. I admire your faith and great marriage. Just had to tell you congratulations on your new little blessing! Love your blog and your outlook!

Cheryl E. said...

I love your tree! It is gorgeous! Can you please email me where you got all your gorgeous decorations. I know you dont have much time with your little one (I know the feeling, I have a 4 month old) but would love to try and recreate your tree.

Your daughter is gorgeous as well, I love all her cute christmas clothing and those big bows! :)