Monday, August 20, 2012

Bringing June Home :: 8.11.12

We came home with June on Saturday, Aug. 11th. It was nice being discharged on a Saturday because they were not rushing us out the door. We were able to take our time getting ready and packing up...and once June and I had both been examined by our nurses one last time, we checked out of room C483 around noon. We were definitely ready to take our June Marie home!!

June wore the same outfit home that Lucy did...just a different bow!
Mom came up to the hospital that morning to help us, which was so nice!Loading June into her car seat. You quickly forget how little and noodley they are as a newborn...we were being so careful!
Strapping her in...June didn't mind the car seat at all!
Let's go home!

June didn't make a peep in the car...she was sound asleep the entire drive from Plano Presby to Coppell. And we came home to a freshly clean house thanks to the ladies at DFW Events...what a blessing that was! A couple of hours later, Lucy came home from GG and Pops house and we were officially a family of four!

Here is a cute video of Lucy holding June on the first night we were home...


Emily said...

Such a sweet video... Lucy's little kisses are so gentle. "Noodley"... I love that... PERFECT adjective to describe a newborn! :-)

Lauren said...

Mindy! Baby June is beautiful and that video is just too sweet!