Thursday, August 2, 2012

More singing momma...

When it's time for bed, Josh or I read Lucy a few books and sing to her before putting her in her crib. Lucy typically gets a second wind after bath time (I think she's going to be a night owl like her daddy), so our bed time routine helps settle her down for the night. We switch books each night, but our songs stay the same (at least when I put her down)...Jesus Loves Me, Jesus Love the Little Children, You are My Sunshine, Amazing Grace, How Deep the Father's Love for Us and Father/Jesus/Spirit I Adore You. She always requests "Jesus" which means sing Jesus Loves Me. After I finish each song, she'll say "more" in this sweet little voice with a long O in "more." It absolutely melts my heart each time, because this momma has a horrible voice. But for now, Lucy thinks it's great and wants more...every time. Gosh, I love her. I really dread the day she says "mom, stop singing!"

Leaving the doctor on Monday...sucker and bear in hand!

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