Saturday, January 16, 2010

Clayton, New Mexico Pit Stop...

On our way home from Colorado on Jan. 2nd, we had to make a bit of a pit stop in the little (and I mean little) town of Clayton, NM. The alternator on the Rector's Tahoe went out about 10 miles before Clayton. Of course, Captain (aka: Karen) was driving when it all went down, so there was no drama involved. {For those of you who know Karen, hopefully you're catching my sarcasm}. Thankfully we made it to Clayton and found a nice mechanic who diagnosed the problem and an auto parts store who had the alternator in stock that we needed. 45 minutes later, we were back on the road and Texas bound. A miracle, really. But, what's a road trip without a little detour, right?

Where it all went down...thank you Sinclair for fixing us up!

Pessimist vs. Optimist. Optimist won.

To lighted the mood the boys made a trip to the local Duckwall's Hometown Variety Store to get us a little early Valentine's treat.

We were grateful...(thanks boys)

And happy to be back in Texas!

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