Sunday, January 17, 2010

Date Home

On Friday night, Josh and I had a date home. It was so nice to enjoy a quiet and relaxing evening together. I made Mexican Lasagna for dinner...a delicious recipe from my friend Amber over at Chocolate Broccoli. A must try...Josh and I both really enjoyed it! It's flavorful, filling, easy to make and healthy! And we finally watched 500 Days of Summer. What a great movie!

OK, so Josh just informed me that this is a boring post and that I must not having anything interesting to write about today. Maybe he's right. So, I leave you with this....make the Mexican Lasagna recipe and watch the movie 500 Days of Summer.

That's all. Bye.


Steph said...

oh yum, i am going to make that this week! i also meant to tell you that i make those pumpkin muffins all the time. they freeze really well too :) thanks!

Amber Massey said...

Tell Josh that is NOT a boring post!! You plugged my Chocolate Broccoli :) Gracias Amiga!

Allison said...

Loved 500 Days of Summer! Will have to try Mexican Lasagna! :)