Tuesday, June 15, 2010

22 Weeks...

Baby is growing quickly these days! My belly has definitely popped over the past 2 weeks...it's been pretty amazing to see it grow right before my eyes! I'm continuing to feel well, which we are extremely grateful for. We are so thankful and blessed for God's provision over our little one while we are here. I have a doctor's appointment with an OB here in Lusaka next Tuesday. She is from Scotland and came highly recommend by another American doctor who lives here full time in Lusaka doing Malaria research for the US Government. It should be an interesting experience....I'm be sure to post next week how it goes!

My mom and I are sharing a group this week at Camp LIFE....a lot of my girls that I had in 2008 are in our group. It was so amazing to see their faces on Monday when they got off the bus....it was like a little piece of heaven! They were so excited to see Josh and I again and to meet my mom. When I told them that I was pregnant, they all laughed (which is common occurrence when kids find out that I'm expecting...I'm not quite sure why they laugh, but they do). Anyways, the girls really didn't pay too much attention to my belly during the first half of the day. In the afternoon, one of my girls was asking our Zambian partner why we were so proud and excited about the baby. She went on to explain that most of the women and girls who get pregnant in Lusaka are ashamed of it and try to hide their bellies. Children here are seen as a burden and just another mouth to feed...and unfortunately, so many teenage girls get pregnant from being raped. Her comment provided such a great opportunity for me to share with them that children are a wonderful blessing from the Lord....and that each one of them is loved so very much by our creator. I explained to them that Josh and I are so happy about our baby to be, because God has entrusted us to raise this precious one to become a woman or man of God. You could just see their little minds turning as they were listening to me talk. When they were boarding the bus in the afternoon to go home, they all hugged me AND the baby. They told me to take good care of "their" baby. How amazing is that?! It made my heart so glad.

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Ruth said...

This is one of the greatest stories I've heard! Love it! Praying for you and Josh. Wish I was at Camp Life!!!!!!!!!!