Monday, June 28, 2010

Visiting Karen...

Two weekends ago I went to visit Karen, one of the girls that Josh and I sponsor through Family Legacy's child sponsorship program "Father's Heart." Karen was in my group at Camp LIFE 2008 and we started sponsoring her immediately after we returned to the states. Karen is doing fantastic....she looks wonderful ("fat" as they call it here in Zambia....which is a compliment) and doing great in school (grade 8). Our monthly sponsorship allows Karen to attend a private school here in Lusaka, so she is getting a very good education!

It was such a blessing to see her after 2 years! She didn't know that I was coming to visit her, so she was very surprised when she saw me. Josh was able to visit her last summer when he was here. We were able to spend about an hour and a half together at one of Family Legacy's Community Resource Centers before we went to visit her family for a food drop. I'm hoping that Josh and I will get to go see her one last time before I leave next week.

Outside of the grocery store after we purchased all of the food....Julie went to visit her sponsored child as well. Mom and Susie joined us for the visits and food drops.

Karen and I at the CRC...we enjoyed softies (cokes) and cookies and worked on some bible activity sheets. It was so much fun catching up with her!
Karen and I at her house with her mother, older sister and nephew. They were extremely grateful for the food! We had a fun visit (with a translator...Karen can speak English fairly well, but the rest of her family can not) and enjoyed a time of prayer together before we left.
Karen's house...
Karen and I with our moms...

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