Sunday, May 23, 2010

Power at the Tree of Life!

On Thursday, the electricity at the Tree of Life (TOL) Children's Village was turned ON!! Through the "Power Up the Village" campaign this past spring, God provided the $380,000 necessary to wire the TOL with electricity! Now the entire village is equipped with power, which enables the TOL to grow! Before the electricity, the TOL ran off of solar panels. The solar panels could barely generate enough power for the 4 houses that are currently open and filled with kids. In order to grow the village and open more houses for more kids, they had to have actual electricity. To celebrate this amazing milestone we spent yesterday evening at the TOL and made brownies with the kids now that they have working ovens or "cookers" as they call them. We had such a great time and the kids definitely enjoyed their first taste of brownies!

Power at the TOL!!
The new school lit up! The first phase of the school will open on June 4th!
Lahema's House lit up! Agness lives in Lahema's House, so we made brownies with the kids that live there.
The kids LOVED helping...
Mariam and Josh pouring the batter into the baking dish...
Everyone enjoyed a lick out of the bowl!
Me with Esther and Agness. The brownies are baking in the cooker behind us. The solar panels did not produce enough power to run the cookers, so until now the house moms cooked everything outside using charcoal stoves.
It's brownie time!!
Josh and I with Aggie...
Brownies and if GOOD!
This morning we went to church out at the was amazing! I couldn't resist posting one more picture of our Aggie! She is on the praise team and did a fantastic job leading worship this morning! She is wearing the dress that Josh gave her back in November.

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