Saturday, July 3, 2010

Celebrating the first half of the summer...

This week we've had a break week from Camp LIFE. We've been busy doing other ministry projects and preparing for the second half of the summer. Week 5 of Camp LIFE starts on Monday. There are 8 weeks total. I leave on Wednesday and will be back in Dallas on Friday. Josh is staying until July 30th now....he still has a lot more work to accomplish while he's over here. I'll be sad to go home without him, but I know the time will pass quickly while we're apart. I have a lot to do when I get home! Last weekend we enjoyed a fun dinner out to celebrate the success of the first half of the is a picture of the staff and 1st half summer staff crew (minus the Knight family who were in Victoria Falls for a little get-a-way). The second half summer staff girls and guys arrived this week. We're ready for week 5!!

If you haven't seen Josh's blog lately, you need to check out his Zambian haircut he got this week!

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