Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sponsor Florence...

Meet Florence Zulu! Florence is 16 years old and in the 9th grade. She lives with her grandmother (who is not very good to her) and her 12 year old sister. Her mom lives far away and she does not know where her dad is....she has not seen them in a long time (she is considered a social orphan). Her parents divorced when she was younger. Florence is not in school right now because her grandmother cannot afford to pay her school fees. She really wants to return to school soon so she can become a lawyer one day. Florence prayed to receive Christ at Camp LIFE this summer!! As you can see from her pictures, Florence is a doll. Full of JOY and so much fun to be around. She is a natural leader and very loving and thoughtful towards others. She definitely holds a special place in my heart! I just love that smile! If you are interested in sponsoring Florence for $40 per month, please email me at mindyrives at gmail dot come. Since Florence is in the 9th grade, her sponsorship with increase to $60 per month beginning September 1st (when the new school term begins) to cover 100% of her school fees. School fees dramatically increase once kids enter the 8th grade. Because of the increase in cost, most kids in Zambia do not continue their education past the 7th grade.

Read more about the Father's Heart Child Sponsorship Program here. FAQs.

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